AR.Pro 1.1 Retail Now Available on the Android Market!

AR.Pro 1.1 was released on the Android Market tonight (3/11/2011).  Here's the rundown of the major changes:

  • Full 1.5.1 firmware support
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Adaptive Video Support
  • Optimized NAVDATA (less bandwidth)
  • Audible Alarms *
  • Drone Reboot *
  • 1.4.7 & 1.5.1 firmware swap *
  • Disabled back button exit
  • Optimized threading for connecting
  • Detection of Roundels from vertical camera *
  • Combined Yaw (Roll / Yaw Mixing) *
  • Restore Factory Defaults
  • Safer Patch Installer
  • New takeoff/emergency buttons
  • HUD based altimeter
  • Regrouped Preferences
  • Locked down drone specific prefs when not connected

Available on the Android Market!

The development cycle of AR.Pro is nearing it's end.  There's one additional major enhancement I'm working on that I hope to have out before April.  I'm currently doing some conceptual design work for a single player AR game that will likely be available mid to late Spring 2011.  Support, Bugfixes, and enhancements will still be provided for AR.Pro as they become available.  I use it to fly my own drone so there's likely to be new things added for some time to come.


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Junior user 3/12/2011 7:22:27 AM

Hi, Any chance of recording video and changing cameras?
Can only look through fron camera, and only take "snapshot".

Best regards

Video recording capability is underway but isn't something that I'm making a top priority on account of the already less than ideal framerate provided by the drone.  

My original plans were to include it in 1.1 but due to numerous things I pulled it out of this distribution.  

In the meantime, check out ARDrone Demo or if you have a video out on your phone consider using a capture device to a laptop.

Hope this helps,

Hey Shell,

Just wanted to say I like the new version!   My drone is down right now due to a slight mishap with object tracking and my T-REX heli.  lol.   And yes, it does track the heli with the right color patches onboard.  Smile    I will do more testing of the tracking features whenever parrot decides to ship my replacement parts  Frown

Also that's a very intriguing idea about running the video out from the phone to a laptop for video capture... going to have to try that.. I have an HDMI out on my DroidX and an HDMI in on my laptop.  hmmm.   Smile


Hello Shell!

Trying to update but I cannot fetch or retrieve the new version from market, "the file cannot be retrieved, please try again"

Other apps can be updated and installed ... :/

I have now uninstalled the "old" version and trying to install 1.1 but I get the same error :/

Please assist (if you can Smile )

Hi Tubstr,

AR.Pro grew significantly in size a release or two back when I bound the Parrot 1.4.7 and 1.5.1 firmwares directly into the application as resources.  It's now close to 14mb in total size.

It has also supported Install to SD for a couple releases now and in the latest I set it to prefer the SD card over internal storage.  Assuming you're running Froyo (2.2) or better you should benefit from this change, and it'll hopefully solve your install problems.



I have HTC EVO running 2.2. Just purchased Drone and was told android apps run the drone. I downloaded AR.Pro and AR.Pro Lite. Drone is not recognized by my wireless network on my EVO??? Any Help.

Thank You.

Hi Matt,

You're going to need to either apply an ad-hoc capable wpa_supplicant file to your EVO, run a third party app such as Wifi Tether, or use your phone's built in WiFi Hotspot.

Take a look at my AR.Assist and manually configuring your AR.Drone for Infrastructure Mode posts if you go with one of the two latter approaches.

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