Upgrading your AR.Drone firmware using AR.Pro - Retail Only

Listed below is what I believe to be the safest procedure for updating your firmware to the lastest version.  There are a couple steps you should follow prior to performing a firmware upgrade.  

  • If you have the AR.Pro infrastructure patch installed:
    • Disable Infrastructure Mode 
    • Uninstall the Infrastructure patch
    • Perform a hard reset (underside reset button) of your drone
  • If you do not have the AR.Pro Infrastructure patch installed:
    • Perform a hard reset (underside reset button) of your drone
  • If you do not have adhoc capabilities on your phone, use AR.Assist to temporarily re-associate your drone back to your hotspot
  • Once you have restored your Drone to its factory state (and at most did a temporary override with AR.Assist) it should be safe to proceed with the AR.Pro Firmware flash procedure.
    • Connect to your drone with AR.Pro
    • Go into Preferences
    • Select Drone Inormation
    • Select Current Firmware
    • Choose the latest firmware for the list provided
    • Answer Yes to proceed to acknowledge the risk in firmware flashing
    • Wait for the transfer to complete
    • When instructed reboot your drone.
    • Wait for the firmware update install to complete (could take up to 10 minutes)
    • Completely exit out of AR.Pro (Exit AR.Pro from its menu)
    • Open AR.Pro back up and reconnect to your drone.
  • Go Fly!

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Do you have away to conect a droid phone without the adhoc wifi

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